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FundaMentallyTI, the Competition Commission’s training academy, was set up in 2019 to – amongst other things – help graduates in our cadet programme get on board with competition law and economics. For graduates we cover all the basics you need to do your work confidently through practical, interactive training sessions delivered by experts in the field. You can expect training covering both the theory and practice in topics like ‘introduction to competition law’; ‘assessing mergers and acquisitions’; investigating anti-competitive conduct’; ‘fundamentals of competition economics’ and others covering the tools you need to deliver on your functions, such as ‘electronic case management’; ‘report writing’; ‘team work and communication skills’. FundaMentallyTI’s goal is to see Commission staff get educated in competition law, be elevated through the ranks and eventually disseminate the knowledge they have acquired so others can follow the same path.   


FundaMentallyTI – pronounced foo-ndah-mentality - communicates four aspects to our identity:

  • Trainees should come ready to participate and learn in order to derive the best benefit (a learning mentality)
  • Our trainers will impart all the fundamentals required to survive and thrive at work (the fundamentals)
  • Training will be delivered in a fun, interactive and engaging way
  • The local flavour to our name communicates a move towards using mainly home-grown expertise to deliver training.


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